Managed IT Services


With how all-encompassing IT is in a business’ process, the IT department is one of the most important elements of a company. Any type of business, from small start-ups to global conglomerates, needs a dedicated team to ensure they continue to be a well-oiled machine. But learning the ins and outs of such is not a walk in the park.

Keep up with growing business demands with our help! At ActionLabs, we aim to deliver quality services through customized Managed IT services depending on the specific needs and objectives of your enterprise. Don’t fret over the technical side of things. We have the capability to deliver high-quality Managed IT services thanks to our team of fully-trained professionals as well as the latest technology tools. Let us handle it through our knowledge and expertise while you sit back and focus on growing your business.

Products and Services

More than providing manpower, ActionLabs also implements strategies for a more efficient way to fulfill your operational metrics. We beef up your business through the full capabilities and expertise of managed IT services. Through our governance model and delivery structure, we aim to address IT concerns in an efficient and timely manner for the good of both your customers and your business. Experience the full capabilities of ActionLabs’ managed services!


With how challenging the business can be, having all of your IT woes, including the strategies and implementation, offloaded to ActionLabs is the wisest and most convenient choice for your Enterprise and yourself.


Part of our in-depth fully Managed IT services are Workplace Services, Network & Security, and Business Continuity & Recovery. All these work towards our goal of giving you the best IT process through proven industry practices. More than just manpower, partnering with us entails the best strategies and governance to ensure your enterprise’s infrastructure is running smoothly. And of course, smoother operations mean more satisfied customers, more profit, and a growing business.

ActionLabs provides a cost-effective Managed Service Desk and Onsite support that delivers incident-based IT service. We follow an efficient and effective operations delivery structure to send employees to best address your IT concerns no matter where you are in the country.

Say goodbye to long-term IT worries! With our cost-effective Managed Workplace Services, invest in a solution that resolves your problems in no time.

Service Desk Support

Our team serves as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to provide Level 1 assistance. We do this via phone, email, and remote support.

Onsite Support

Have your hardware and software issues fixed in real-time through Onsite Support. Our ActionLabs team is fully trained to provide problem assessment and resolution on supported desktops and laptops.

Vendor Management

Too many third-party vendors to talk to? ActionLabs can take care of that for you. We manage the process of selecting third-party providers that can best support your IT concerns.

We are determined to help you save on time and cost by deploying trusted ActionLabs personnel to handle your IT resources! Through our service, you gain access to professionals equipped with the technical know-how to manage your IT infrastructure. No need to worry about recruitment and training either. We are certain our staff can meet your demands and expectations.


To handle the IT aspect of your business, you need a talented group of people that can address such concerns efficiently. Our thorough hiring process ensures we get highly qualified personnel for your dedicated IT team. 


ActionLabs monitors and assesses their work based on industry standards and your feedback. We acknowledge outstanding performances and smoothen out areas of improvement through added training. Your business is our priority, which is why we address potential issues early on and optimize processes for consistent delivery of quality service

Workplace Services
  • Help Desk Support
  • Dispatch Admin
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Vendor Coordinator
  • Messaging Engineer
Data Center & Network Services
  • Data Center Operator
  • Wintel Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrator
Other Skilled Support
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager

Complement your existing IT infrastructure with a managed network operations center! Our team monitors your consolidated network and supplies necessary back-end maintenance using the technical resources you have.

Think of the Network Operations Center (NOC) as a team committed to making sure that everything is in order. These are the people you entrust your network operations with; the kind who would never leave anything to chance. Here at Actionlabs, we provide remote and on-premise NOC solutions dedicated to infrastructure maintenance and improving data center performance in response to fast-changing business requirements.

Our staff acts as your behind-the-scenes problem solvers who proactively monitor everything going on with your IT infrastructure and coordinate with support desks in solving complicated technical predicaments. By beefing up your IT capabilities, issues such as outages and downtimes happen less. We offer you the peace of mind you deserve, focusing on effective resolutions and avoiding infrastructure instability.

Tiered Services

Choose between four tiers of services to get the type of support you need.

  • Basic Tier allows us to monitor your network and inform you of any issues.
  • Standard Tier ups the ante by supporting you in case of any technical problems.
  • Professional Tier takes it even further with network operation and management services.
  • Premium Tier includes building the IT infrastructure for you in addition to everything else.

You can rely on our Managed NOC service no matter what kind of support you need.

24/7 Service Desk Support

We know downtimes are bad news even during the early hours and late hours, which is why we have our 24/7 Service Desk Support. We make sure you’re getting solutions that are quick, effective, and data-driven based on thorough analysis.

Guaranteed Service Levels

We follow the industry standards and proven methodologies to ensure we deliver the guaranteed service levels all the time, anytime. How you find our service is important to us, and our goal is to make sure you’re consistently satisfied with what we do.

Access to Experts

Get the best people for the job to solve all of your IT problems. ActionLabs has a pool of specialists trained to do complex problem-solving to address all of your company’s technical concerns. We also make sure you get detailed reports about your IT infrastructure issues and how we resolved them. Transparency is our goal, and we want our clients to be involved in knowing what is going on with their IT infrastructure.

We bring you the capabilities of cloud computing to improve your business. With the help of our partner cloud platform providers, you’re sure to experience great connectivity and better work productivity. We’ll handle all the technicalities of your company’s cloud concerns so your business can take advantage of cloud experts and reap all the benefits worry-free.

While the cloud has proven to be a useful tool in various businesses, one common challenge still remains: skillset. Not every business is equipped with the right people to manage their cloud. This is why most companies hire their own internal cloud managers even if it hurts their pockets. But the good news? You no longer have to.

With ActionLabs’ Managed Cloud Services, you get all the benefits of cloud as well as the best people fit to operate it. You don’t have to buy subscriptions, ActionLabs will do it for you. We partner with reputable cloud providers to make your business flexible and ready to face new challenges in the industry. Our strategy is to bundle cloud offerings with our in-house expertise so you can maximize its fullest potential.

Cloud Computing

Experience the full extent of cloud computing! Divided into three classifications - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) - cloud computing gives your business access to the most advanced hardware and software necessary to use a cloud’s data storage and hosting capabilities. We handle all the infrastructure, software, and platforms needed to make the cloud work for you.

Backup Storage and Disaster Recovery

Let storage dilemmas be a thing of the past with our efficient backup and storage management capabilities. We want you to free your mind from the thought of losing months or years’ worth of documents due to some unforeseeable events. Being secure is not just about preventing viruses and hackers, it is about making sure that your data is safe. If a disaster does happen, our service allows you to recover all your lost files with no fuss at all.

Top Cloud Providers

Because you deserve high-quality cloud services, we tap providers such as Microsoft Azure, and AWS as resources for cloud-related IT projects. We partner with trusted brands because your business can only be the best if it works with the best. Combined with our own managed cloud services, ActionLabs aims to deliver the versatility of the cloud and improve productivity and efficiency in your internal operations.

Outsource your company’s own cybersecurity detail through ActionLabs’ managed security service. Through a centralized network, our team can proactively monitor your operations and combat security threats 24/7. Your business, and all the data and information that come with it, deserves the best IT protection so it can function and operate with no hassle.

As Managed Security is relatively new in the Philippines, specialists tend to be costly. ActionLabs can take away that burden and add the benefits of Managed Security.

Rather than getting your own in-house expert, outsource experts from us! We take an extensive look at your IT infrastructure on a monitoring level to address any possible threats to your business and get rid of existing ones. We’re here to keep your data safe and secure.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Detection

We proactively monitor and detect any significant dangers round-the-clock to prevent security breaches and data loss. From intrusions to suspicious links and files to existing weaknesses in your infrastructure, our team makes sure to identify all of these to strengthen your network, protecting your company and all elements under it.

Firewall and Antivirus Management

Prevention beats the cure, and we believe that preventing malicious elements from infiltrating the system is an absolute priority. To do this, we monitor everything to ensure complete asset protection and data theft prevention. From firewalls to antivirus programs, ActionLabs sets up all these measures to block spam, viruses, and more.

VPN Management

Investing in a virtual private network is crucial for businesses to have a private connection between computers to connect to and share data, files, and hardware without them all being in the same room. While this makes the lives of all employees involved easier, one wrong move can compromise everyone in the VPN. ActionLabs helps prevent that by letting a dedicated team manage your VPN and identify possible threats to it.

We can do special projects on top of the regular services we can provide for you. If there’s a need for special support outside of the agreed upon scope of our managed services, ActionLabs is your go-to partner.

At ActionLabs, we offer Managed IT services for the long-term benefit of your business. But every now and then, your company might need some special projects in addition to the normal IT business operations support. ActionLabs can definitely address those specific needs.

We make use of the combined skills of our team of experts to meet your needs and ensure that quick IT projects run smoothly.

Equipment Relocation

Need to reinstall your equipment to a new location? We can do all of the heavy lifting for you. ActionLabs coordinates everything, from the initial planning, assigning manpower, and to finally moving the actual equipment. We know how critical to deliver this relocation, so we make sure to handle it with utmost care- from initial packing, in between travels, to the final location, and complete installation- to ensure nothing is broken or in need of repairs during the move.

Wall-to-Wall Inventory and Asset Tagging

From the biggest machines down to the smallest Configuration Items (CIs), we record and provide inventory reports for the Asset Management. With so many physical assets involved in your network, asset tagging is critical to keep track of all your hardware. ActionLabs assigns unique identification codes to each piece of your asset to ensure proper inventory report. This helps your business in managing and monitoring all of your IT assets for any need of change (IMACD).


The Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal (IMACD) service enables us to do a revamp of your IT workstation! We’re here for you from start to finish, ensuring your transition is a smooth, no-sweat process.


Improve your business operations through IT migration! Our team essentially plan and deploy IT Support to help migrate your IT needs from an old application to a newer version.

Preventive Maintenance

With preventive maintenance, we can do regular checks on your equipment and system to ensure they’re working properly at all times. ActionLabs catches any persistent issues before they pose a risk to your IT network.

Our Services

Entrust the management of your IT infrastructure to our highly-trained experts.

Network and Security Solutions

Let us manage your technical helpdesk to address your customer concerns.

Trust a certified partner to do repairs on your IT equipment.

Employ a suite of solutions designed to address your SOHO and SME needs.

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