Next Gen Fiber Network Solutions

Typical networks today may have hundreds if not thousands of users and devices attached to it. Just imagine the number of wirings and connection points it requires to enable access to voice, video, and data. Add to that is the increased complexity in maintaining and its day-to-day management. The aim is to reduce the size of the network connectivity infrastructure but still deliver premium performance to the users. In this situation, you need a solution that will address such a requirement.

You can get all of that with Next Gen Fiber Network (NGFN) solutions! With the use of splitters, a NGFN network delivers strong signals to connected end users through a single fiber channel. With these solutions in place, there’s no need for numerous cables and channels to connect to a single source. Rather, the splitter distributes transmitted signals from Optical Line Terminal (OLT) towards several Optical Network Units (ONU) for less cost and infrastructure and higher bandwidth. In simpler terms, you use less to get more, offering a pretty neat solution to your network woes.

Our ActionLabs team plans and designs the best (NGFN) for your company by taking into consideration the signal strength, bandwidth limit, and number of end users within your business. Our goal is to create a (NGFN) that effectively unifies numerous components into one consolidated network. We want everyone in your company to get the same level and quality of connectivity for a more productive workplace.

With the right tools and the most updated technologies, our team of engineers can build your (NGFN) and have it up and running in no time. Rest assured that your well-designed (NGFN) infrastructure will be assembled by qualified experts using high-end equipment from the best technology providers. Once that’s done, ActionLabs can run maintenance checks to look for any issues that need fixing and to guarantee a smooth-sailing journey to improved workplace connectivity.

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