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29 October, 2020

Shared Omni Channel Customer Service


  1. Handle general customer service Inquiries from customer
  2. Escalate concern to client companies, if needed
  3. Customer care associates are shared between multiple clients
  4. Accept calls, reply to emails and messa...
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13 July, 2020

IT Support during the New Normal

This year's health pandemic has changed the way we do business. To keep employees safe and free from Covid-19, companies from around the world has required their employees to work from home, the new normal in business.

But when working at home, some IT issues related to t...

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13 July, 2020

Managing Appointments to Increase Revenue

The global pandemic this year swiftly changed the business landscape. To prevent the sudden spread of Covid-19, companies adapted guidelines in conducting business including appointment setting.


Appointment Setting
The customers ha...

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