Safe City Solutions

Safe City Solutions

When we think of threats, we usually think of viruses, spyware, and other dangers that can be sent over digitally. But what you may not realize is that certain risks can come in physical form as well. That’s why it’s important to have a solution that can combat such physical threats as they happen. Your city is your home after all, as well as the home of several citizens with lives and families.

With Action Labs’ safe city solutions, you can combat these dangers even before they arrive at the gates. We can equip urban areas with high-end security in key locations so you can essentially keep an eye on all the premises. With this solution, Action Labs has served the needs of various local government units (LGU) in the country, fostering economic growth through its safety. More than just protecting your IT, we also protect your citizens from various threats.



A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) is a helpful tool in maintaining security. Our Action Labs design engineers can set these up in key public locations for better, more comprehensive monitoring. Having these installed keeps your people safe knowing that any signs of danger can be caught on camera. The best part? With analytics technology, you don’t have to go through the hassle of analyzing each video frame by frame. The sophisticated software will do this for you.

Command Center


Of course, it’s not enough that you have CCTV cameras installed all around the city. You also need a command center for a fast and effective call to action when your cameras do catch something out of the ordinary. Action Labs partners with smart command center providers with technology that boasts efficient alarm and reporting, quick response systems, and real-time data sharing. We make sure that no matter the security emergencies, your command, coordination and response units can handle it in the best way possible.

911 Integration


We want to make sure reaching the city’s emergency helpdesk is only a few clicks away. Our solution allows citizens to have their distress calls routed to a command center, ensuring each call is handled by an effective dispatcher. The system then locates the caller so the respondent can send the nearest people for the job through advanced emergency notification technologies. Through this system, the caller’s concern is managed and addressed properly with enough time to deploy a unit to the source as quickly as possible.

Computer Aided Dispatch System


In case of any danger, a quick response time can make a huge difference between safety and disaster. With our computer-aided dispatch system, emergency response is quicker and much more efficient. Each citizen’s emergency calls are received and forwarded to the right units within the area. From there, personnel are dispatched to the location with the necessary information to better address the situation. This system ensures a safer city for the benefit of both its residents and visitors.

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